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Financial challenges can arise during an unexpected life event, medical emergency or a personal cashflow gap. Hebrew Free Loan of Austin helps ease financial burdens by providing interest-free loans for a variety of needs.

growing family Loans

Growing a family can take both an emotional and financial toll. Hebrew Free Loan of Austin can help subsidize financial costs of fertility treatments that are not covered by insurance. Loans are available to support costs related to fertility treatments, adoption and surrogacy.


Austin is a hub for entrepreneurship, which Hebrew Free Loan of Austin seeks to support directly within the local Jewish community. We recognize cashflow is one of the main obstacles to starting a new business or expanding an established company. Our quick and confidential loan process can help kick-start a new venture or take a company to the next level.


Access to education is one of the foundations of our Jewish community. From early education to Hebrew School, and higher education, Hebrew Free Loan of Austin can help fund educational pursuits at any level. These loans help address the rising costs of education, as well as closing the gap between a student’s scholarships, financial aid and the true cost of attending tuition-based educational programs.

How it Works: Step by Step

STEP 1: Contact Us

Contact us to confidentially discuss your loan request. Start by filling out the application for your loan type.

STEP 2: Submit your application forms and supporting documentation

All applicants must submit a loan application form. If you’re printing and filling out your application by hand, make sure it is legible. Please email supporting documentation to

      ✔ Copy of your license (or other valid picture ID)

✔ Most recent employer pay stub

✔ Most recent W-2

✔ Most recent tax return

✔ Most recent proof of mortgage or rent payment

✔ Most recent utility bill

✔ Free credit report: (*save as PDF for email)

STEP 3: Identify your loan Guarantor(s)

  • Arrange to have your Guarantor(s) complete the Guarantor Application, print/notarize the Guarantor Agreement, and submit proof of liquid assets.
  • Depending on loan size, your loan may require one or two Guarantors. NOTE: In most cases HFLA requires Guarantors to secure a loan. If this is an issue, please contact us directly to discuss your situation.

STEP 4: once Steps 1-3 are completed, We’ll contact you to schedule an appointment to discuss your application.


STEP 5: We contact your guarantors to confirm their understanding of their responsibility.

STEP 6: The HFLA Loan Review Team meets to review your application.

This happens normally within a few days of your submission. We will notify you of approval or denial by email or phone call.

STEP 7: Upon approval, you will receive a Promissory Note and ACH Form to sign.

STEP 8: Your loan check is placed in the mail.

You’ll repay your loan according to our mutually agreed upon payment schedule, which is typically 24 months.

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