Honoring the Life and Legacy of HFLA Co-Founder

Mike Rotman (1941-2021)

By Craig Gilden | March 2021

Dr. Michael Rotman


HFLA Co-Founders

Michael Rotman and Tracy Solomon

Chilli Cook-Off 2014 – Tracy Solomon and Mike Rotman

2011 Hebrew Free Loan Board

Front Row: Tracy Solomon, Audrey Maislin, Mike Rotman, and Rob Solomon

Back Row: Alan Cohen, David Dimston, Iser Cuikerman, Scott Grossfeld, and Mike Krell

HFLA co-founder Mike Rotman passed away last Wednesday, March 3rd, at the age of 79. The HFLA community sends its condolences and prayers to his family. Rotman was a beloved member of the Austin Jewish community and was integral in bringing HFLA to Austin.

Rotman grew up in San Antonio where he intersected with its HFLA chapter at a young age. After being born in Quito, Ecuador, Rotman’s family emigrated to San Antonio in 1950. His father received a loan from the local HFLA chapter that enabled him to get started with his business selling dry goods. Rotman’s family remained active in the San Antonio HFLA through his childhood and he had memories as a child of attending fundraisers.

Rotman eventually came to Austin where he worked as a cardiologist for many years. In 2011, he was connected to co-founder Tracy Solomon. The duo held the first HFLA community meeting together in Austin in May 2011. The first board meeting was convened in August, and the first loan was processed in November 2011. Rotman continued to play an active role in the organization over the past decade and was instrumental in the growth and foundation that make HFLA what it is today.

His memory will truly be a blessing for all of us at Hebrew Free Loan of Austin.