FEBRUARY 17-18, 2023

FEBRUARY 17-18, 2023


“If you lend money to My people, even to the poor among you, do not act toward them as a creditor; you shall not charge them interest.”
– Exodus 22:24

Our philosophy and inspiration is based upon a biblical mandate from God to the Jewish people. In this Torah portion Parashat Mishpatim, God tells Moses and the people of Israel that they may not derive personal benefit from loans made to members of their community – in other words, they may not charge interest.

“You shall not lend him your money at interest, or give him your food for profit.”
– Leviticus 25:37

By offering loans, rather than charity, Hebrew Free Loan of Austin helps recipients to become self-sufficient. In the teachings of Maimonides, giving a loan and putting someone on a path towards self-sufficiency is regarded as an even greater mitzvah than giving charity. For this reason, the Hebrew word for a free loan is “gemach” which is derived from “G’milut Chasadim,” meaning “acts of loving kindness.” It is based on these ideals that we must realize giving a loan is the purest form of aid in Judaism.

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